Hi, I'm Aadam.



Hi there! I'm Aadam, a web developer with a passion for designing beautiful and functional websites. I was first exposed to coding on my undergraduate degree where I used Python and Jupyter notebooks to analyse the results of various physics experiments. After graduating, I knew I wanted to learn more.

I've since completed internships in Data & Analytics (with Capita plc.) and Software Development (with Wiley Edge). Today, I work as a professional full-stack web developer for a national logistics firm responsible for the delivery of millions of pounds of product per year. Thanks to this experience, I've gained skills in front-end, back-end, and database development.

I have experience working with a variety of technologies, including .NET, Angular, and T-SQL. While I may not have expertise in every technology, I am always eager to learn and adapt to new tools and frameworks. I am committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in software engineering.

When I'm not coding, I enjoy game development, narrative design, and boxing. Life is not all about work and my passions and side projects do wonders to restore my energy reserves and keep me going!

If I sound like someone you would like to work with, please get in touch!


Here are some of the technologies that I'm proficient with.


Take a look at some of the work I've done.

A link to a Chromium-based web extension. If you find yourself spending too much time on YouTube, enjoy this stripped-back version of the site. Free of the infamous algorithm and boasting a clean and simple interface, you won't spend long here. This is not YouTube as entertainment, it is YouTube as a tool.

Source code available on GitHub.

A live link to my dictionary app. Fit with error catching and beautiful design, it uses an API to serve users data.

Source code on GitHub.

A live link to my to-do list application built in Angular. It supports task creation and deletion, and saves data locally.

Source code on GitHub.

A live link to my soundscaping application built in Angular that loops soothing sounds to improve focus. It uses Angular Material.

Source code on GitHub.

A .zip file of a Jupyter project that scrapes YouTube comments and imports a BERT model to perform sentiment analysis.

Source code within.

A .zip file of a Jupyter project that trains a machine-learning model to predict survival rate on the Titanic.

Source code within.

An .apk file of a Unity project which recreates the classic arcade game 'Pong'. It features adaptive UI and level creation as well as three difficulty modes.

Source code on GitHub.

A link to a mod created for the TES V: Skyrim. Written and implemented by me in Bethesda Game Studios' proprietary engine, the Creation Kit, I collaborated with a fellow fan and voice actor to bring an original character to life.

Source code within.